Drink Your Gin & Tonica

So, just took a quick look at the calendar and there is a lot happening this coming Thursday, most notably Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.


Gin & Tonica

All at once my to-do list is a mile long:

1. Polish the silver and the menorah.

2. Select perfect outfit in which to both give thanks and celebrate the Festival of Lights.

3. Bake a pumpkin pie.

4. Roast the turkey.

5. Grill the Brie.

6. Secure pretzel bread for stuffing.

7. Grate potatoes for the latkes. Applesauce or sour cream? Must decide.

8. Pretend to be crafty and fold this terrific turkey centerpiece.

Something To Snack On | Thanksgivukkah

8. Queue up the LeeVees.

But, wait – there’s no need to let stress consume the festivities. Did the Pilgrims panic? No, they made a green bean casserole and feasted for days. This is a time for celebration. We’re with friends and family and we have much to be thankful for. We have health and happiness and a lovely dinner to enjoy. We have nine+ hours of football.

And we have cocktails.

Gin & Tonica

So, friends, let’s keep calm and dreidel on. In the wise words of lyrical genius Adam Sandler, let’s drink our Gin & Tonicas and have a happy happy happy happy Thanksgivukkah!

The Perfect Gin & Tonica

Gin & Tonica

2 oz gin
6 oz tonic
1 lime wedge
Straw (optional)

Fill a glass with ice. Add gin and tonic. Garnish with lime.

Gin & Tonica


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