Strawberry Peach Polka Dot Pie | Homemade Pie Crust

Strawberry Peach Polka Dot Pie | Something To Snack On

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!! Let’s take a minute and celebrate the glory of a long weekend. So, remember back in January when I rattled off a long list of kitchen resolutions that I was determined to accomplish this year? Well, I’m like 90% behind schedule. Let’s review. Make a batch of red currant jam and bake…

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Nibbles | Wednesday 20, 2015 | Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Peonies | Nibbles | Something To Snack On

Hey, friends! Any big plans for the upcoming holiday weekend? I think I’ll pick-up some Orange Pale Ale from Old Colony Brewing and try this Ginger Shandy. Maybe kick-start Friday night with these Greek Sweet Potatoes with Curried Tzatziki. Michael and I will probably wrap-up Chef’s Table on Netflix. Have you been watching? We started with Massimo Bottura and…

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Pimiento Cheese | Mayonnaise Taste Test

Duke's Mayo | Hellmenn's Mayo | Pimiento Cheese | Something To Snack On

Friends, I know STSO is generally a pretty lighthearted environment, but today I want to address something that effects us all. I’m not afraid to spearhead the dialogue. Friends, I’m talking about mayonnaise. Unless you’re in the anti-mayo camp (in which case we could still be friends but probably never truly be close), you likely…

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Nibbles | Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lolita | Nibbles | Something To Snack On

Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the gorgeous weather this past weekend! I was in Maine visiting my family. My Mom and I celebrated Mother’s Day with lunch at Lolita on Munjoy Hill in Portland. It’s a charming little spot with 36-seats and a smattering of Mediterranean-style small plates to choose from. For starters,…

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Georgia Rewind | Athens & Atlanta

Cloverleaf Farm | Georgia Something To Snack On

Last weekend Michael and I went to Georgia for our friend Adam’s wedding. Upon arrival in Atlanta Friday afternoon we ran to the ATM for some cash and by cash I of course mean cupcakes. We found a Sprinkles Bakery across the street from our hotel with a fully-operational ATM stocked with freshly-baked cupcakes – we…

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