Nibbles | Wednesday, April 1, 2015 | Passover Edition

Matzah with Dill Cream Cheese, Radishes & Salmon Roe | Nibbles | Passover

Friends, raise your hand if like me, you enjoy matzah as a vehicle for cracker toppings such as whipped feta, hummus, baba ganoush, etc. Matzah is essentially an over-sized cracker and I love slathering this whole wheat mini variety with dill cream cheese, radishes and salmon roe. What are you planning to make for Passover?…

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Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Gigante Beans

Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Gigante Beans | Something To Snack On

Hey, friends! So, is everyone just loving faux-Spring? Busy getting pedicures and then pulling on your Bean boots? Pouring over swim collections while wearing last Fall’s cozy turtleneck sweater? It’s actually snowing as I type this post and I spent most of my week watching sheets of ice float down the Charles River. But I…

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Nibbles | Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lunch At The Shop | Nibbles | Something To Snack On

I came across Lunch at the Shop by Peter Miller through the Food52 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks. It lost in the early rounds to Zoe Nathan’s heavy-hitter Huckleberry. I fell for Lunch at the Shop pretty hard, though. It’s filled with so many of my favorite ingredients and beautiful lunchtime recipes like Roast Chicken with Blue…

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Baked Rosé Risotto | Fauxsotto

Baked Rosé Risotto | Something To Snack On

Friends, last Sunday, the city of Boston officially reached it’s snowiest Winter since 1872. 108.6 inches. That’s a lot of shoveling. But, that’s all behind us now, because – it’s SPRING (Oprah voice)!! Of course it snowed yesterday and the day before and it’s currently 27° outside and feels like 15°, but never mind that….

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Nibbles | Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring | Rosé | Nibbles | Something To Snack On

Friends, we are 2 days away from the first day of Spring! In honor of the upcoming equinox I have compiled for you a list of snacks that would be delicious with a glass of Rosé. Thai-Style Salmon Chowder because my mouth is watering. Breakfast Salad because look at that egg. Roasted Marrow Toast because there is simply…

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